2018 – 2019 Awards

Art n’ Soul Dance Convention 2018

October 28, 2018

We are very proud our students who attended the @artnsouldanceconvention this weekend! A special
congratulations to Bentley Ali and Jacob Schroeder on being selected ⭐TOP 10⭐. They received scholarships for “Art n Soul” 2019 and free classes at the Millennium Dance Complex in Toronto.

Triple Threat Dance Convention 2018

November 3 & 4, 2018

Members of our competitive dance team had an incredible weekend filled with Dance with our friends from Triple Threat Dance convention. We are so proud of our students, many of which attended this convention for the very first time. We would like to extend a special congratulations to the following students for being recognized for their incredible artistry over the weekend.

Congratulations to our Scholarship Winners:

Amelia Soriano – Junior Definite Threat Runner-up Scholarship Winner

Eleanor Farrell – Intermediate Triple Threat 2019 Fall Tour Scholarship Winner & Top 5 Intermediate Ultimate Threat Soloist

Madison Guarino- Senior Triple Threat 2019 Fall Tour Scholarship Winner & Top 5 senior ultimate threat soloist

Bentley Ali- Intermediate Definite Threat WINNER & Top 5 intermediate ultimate threat soloist

Bentley Ali was named the⭐ INTERMEDIATE DEFINITE THREAT CONVENTION WINNER ⭐for her outstanding excellence over the weekend.

Her prize included:

  • $300 CASH prize
  • Full tuition scholarship to all triple threat conventions in 2019
  • $50 certificate to any Dance power 2019 competition
  • $400 scholarship towards Fusion Dance
  • $25 gift certificate to TT merchandise

Bentley was also the TOP audition score for the “ultimate threat solo challenge” and received an additional $50.00 cash prize

iDance Convention 2018

November 17 & 18, 2018

Jacob Schroeder and Eleanor Farrell spent the weekend learning from national top dancer and choreographers at the iDance convention this past weekend. A special congrats to Eleanor Farrell who won a 2019 Paris/Lisbon dance tour scholarship.

Thunderstruck Canada Dance Competition

What a fantastic end to Day 1 of Thunderstruck. This evening ⭐TOP 10⭐ overall awards summary 》
Shining Star Teen Group Division:
Shining Star Senior Duo/Trio Division:
Shining Star Senior Solo Division:
1ST🏆 Jordan P. Contemp Solo
7TH🏅 Devyn Tap Solo
8TH🏅Jordan D HH Solo
10TH🏅 Amir HH Solo
Rockstar Teen Group Division:
5TH🏅 SR. Elite HH TEAM

⭐TOP 10 Shining Star Teen Overall Awards across all genres: ⭐
8th Amanda M. HH Solo
5th Emma Lee Lyrical Solo
4th Jace Stefanec HH Solo
3rd Holly Zahedi Lyrical Solo
2nd Madison W. Jazz Solo
1st Ella Almario Lyrical Solo

⭐TOP 10 awards ⭐ across all Genres:
8th Place – Dexter Furber Song & Dance Solo
5th Place – Kayla Odidison HH Solo
2nd Place – Madison Guarino Contemporary Solo

⭐TOP 10⭐Senior Rock Star Small Group Overalls Across all genres
🏅10th Place – Sr. Tap Small Group “Bang Bang”
🏆1st Place – Sr. HH Small Group”Show Time”


Junior Future Star ⭐TOP 10⭐ Overall Summary 》
Junior Solos
🏆1st – Aaden HH Solo
🏅2nd- Amelia Jazz Solo
🏅3rd- Andre HH Solo
🏅6th- Josh HH Solo

Junior Duet/Trio
🏅2nd- Jr Tap Duo (Emma + Kennedy)
🏅3rd- Jr Acro Duo (Taylor + Samara)

Junior Large Group Future Star ⭐TOP 10⭐ Overalls across all genres》
🏅2nd- Jr. Musical Theatre Team
🏅3rd- Jr. 2 Jazz Team
🏅4th- Jr Lyrical team
🏅5th place -Jr Acro team

Teen Shining Star Duet/Trio
1st place – Emotions Elite Trio
3rd place- Taki Taki Elite HH Trio
5th place – Upside Down Acro Duo

Teen Shining Star Group
1st place – Jr. 2 HH Team
2nd place – Elite HH Team

Senior Superstar Group
1st place – Explosion HH Team

🌧 Eye of the storm awards 🌧
•••Congrats to Bentley Ali announced the winner of the Thunderbolt Solo Challenge. See previous post for more!
•••Congrats to Madison Guarino who despite being injured performed 1 of her solos and was awarded the Adjudicators Choice “Stand out Soloist” award. The prize included a scholarship for the Mathers Dance Company Summer Intensive in Los Angeles
•••Congrats to the Pre Elite Jazz Team selected as “Peoples Choice Award ” . They will have the opportunity to win $1,000 in an online battle over the summer.
⭐Top Solo/Duo /Trio score of the entire comp ⭐
Future Star Junior- Aaden B. HH Solo By Mr.Justin
⭐Future Star Top Scores of the Entire Comp⭐
1st 🏆Petit Group- Mini Hip Hop team
1st 🏆Junior Group- Jr. Boys small group
1st 🏆Junior Solo – Aaden B. HH Solo
⭐Shining star top scores of the entire competition in each age division ⭐

1st 🏆Teen solo – Lyrical Solo Ella
1St 🏆Senior Solo- Contemp Solo Jordan p.
1st 🏆Junior group- Pre Elite Jazz team
1st 🏆Teen Group – Inter Elite Jazz Team
⭐Rockstar Top Scores of the entire competition⭐
1st 🏆Teen Group – Sr. Small Group “Show Time”
Highest Over all Super Star
1st 🏆Senior Group -Sr. HH Team

Special Judges Awards 


Congratulations to Toni Lozano on winning one of the first ⭐Special Judges award⭐of the competition with hip hop solo by Mr. Justin. Her award was given for “Special Connection and great hip hop fundamentals”

Olivia Hawley “Festa D’Estate”  by Ms. Giulia received a ⭐JUDGES SPECIAL AWARD ⭐ for “Priceless Stage Presence”


Congratulations to Dexter Furber for his solo “Grow for me” by Ms. Brittany who received ⭐JUDGES SPECIAL AWARD ⭐ for “Beautiful Tone & Dialogue”


Congratulations to Amelia Soriano for her jazz solo performance today “I Move On” by Ms. Carly. Amelia received a ⭐Judges Choice Award ⭐”Clean, Clear & Under control” with special mention to her incredible Stage presence!


Congrats to Aaden Bhowani for his hip hop solo by Mr. Justin which received a ⭐Judges Choice Award ⭐ for “Groove & Feeling” with special mention to his incredible Understanding of hip hop.


Congratulations to the Pre Elite Jazz team on fantastic performances this morning. The Pre Elite Jazz team received a ⭐JUDGES CHOICE AWARD for “The Total Package” ⭐ The Pre Elite Jazz team score qualified them for the junior shining star battle at the closing ceremonies. They were also selected as the PEOPLE CHOICE WINNERS and will join an online battle over July 2019.


Congratulations to Bentley Ali on her outstanding work over the course of the competition! Her stellar solo performances over the week were averaged to combine the highest score and give her the title of ⭐2019 Thunderbolt Solo Challenge WINNER! ⭐
In order to compete in the challenge a soloist must have 3 solos in different genres where the scores are averaged to give the highest score. 1 of the solos is also adjudicated live by the judges in front of the audience. Bentleys 3 solos were contemporary by Ms. Lindsay, Jazz by Ms. Sofia & Hip Hop by Mr. Justin

5678 Dance Competition

9-10 Ballet demi- pointe classical solo
🥇1st place- Olivia Hawley
11-12 Ballet demi-pointe classical solo
🥇1st place – Selene Nguyen
14-15 Ballet demi-pointe classical solo
🥇1st place Madison Guarino & *DWC invite
16 yr old ballet demi-pointe classical solo
🥇1st place Dexter Furber &*DWC invite
11-12 Lyrical solos
🥇1st place – Selene Nguyen & *DWC invite
🥉3rd place- Danika Hapichuk
14 Junior lyrical solos
🥇1st – Emma Lee Czarnecki & *DWC invite
🥈2nd – Ella Almario
🥉3rd – Myah Buchanan
15-16 Junior lyrical solo
🥈2nd – Holly Zahedi
15 yr senior lyrical solo
🥇1st-Madison Guarino & *DWC invite
🥉3rd -Ellie Farrell
15 yr tap solo
🥉3rd place – Devyn Gallant
18-19 tap solo
🥉3rd place – Thomas Oberlin
16-17 song & dance solo
🥇1st place – Dexter Furber & *DWC invite

15 Yr contemporary solo
🥇1st- Madison Guarino & DWC Invite*
🥈2nd – Bentley Ali
🥉3rd – Ellie Farrell
16-17 yrs contemporary solo
🥇1st- Jordan Pimentel
15-17 yrs modern solo
🥇1st- Madison Guarino & DWC Invite*
10-11 yrs jazz solo
🥇1st -Amelia Soriano & DWC Invite*
🥉3rd – Selene Nguyen
12 yr jazz solo
🥉3rd- Ava Russell
13-14 yrs jazz solo
🥇1st – Madison Watkins
15 yrs jazz solo
🥇1st – Madison Guarino & DWC*

10yr hip hop solo
🥇1st -Aaden Bhowani
11-12 hip hop solo
🥇1st- Andre Facundo
🥈2nd -Joshua Stagg
11 yr hip hop solo
🥇1st – Morgan Durant


9-10 yr Tap Duo/ Trio
🥈2nd- Junior Tap Duo Kennedy & Emma P.
11 yr Tap Group
🥉3rd place -Junior Tap Team
14 yr Junior Tap Group
🥇1st place – Elite Tap Team & DWC Invite *
🥈2nd place – Elite Small group
14-15 yr Senior Tap Group
🥇1st place- Senior Tap Small Group DWC Invite *
🥈2nd place -Senior Tap Team & DWC Invite *
11-12 yr Lyrical Group
🥇1st place – Pre Elite Lyrical Team & DWC Invite *
🥉3rd place – Jr. Lyrical Team
14 yr Lyrical Group
🥇1st place- Inter Small Group
15-16 yr Lyrical Group
🥇1st Place- Elite Lyrical Team & DWC Invite*
14-15 yr Contemporary Groups
🥇1st place – Elite Contemporary Team & DWC Invite*


14 yr hip hop junior solo
🥇1st place – Ella Almario
🥉3rd place – Naleisa Tschilembu
15 yr hip hop junior solo
🥈2nd place- Amanda Myrowich
15 yr hip hop senior solo
🥇1st place – Jyra Geronimo & DWC *
🥈2nd place-Kayla Odidison & DWC *
🥉3rd place -Bentley Ali & DWC *
16 yr hip hop junior solo
🥇1st -Caselle Natividad
🥈2nd -Amir Sayco Al-Dulaimi
🥉3rd-Adrianna Hernandez
16 yr hip hop senior solo
🥈2nd place -Simon Lukacs
17 yr hip hop solo
🥇1st place -Jacob Schroeder & DWC*
🥈2nd place – Jordan Dennis
8-9 yr hip hop duo/trio
🥇1st place – Mini Trio (Leona, Olivia, Asha) & DWC *
10-11 yr hip hop duo/trio
🥉3rd place-Jr Duo (Annaya and Peyton)
15-17 yr hip hop duo/trio
🥇1st place- Sr Duo (Bentley & Jacob) & DWC *
8-9 yr hip hop groups
🥇1st -Mini Elite HH team & DWC*
10-11 yr hip hop groups
🥇1st – Jr. 1 Hip Hop Team & DWC*
🥈2nd -Jr. 1/2 small group
11-12 yr hip hop junior groups
🥈2nd place – Jr Boys Small Group & DWC *
🥉3rd place – Jr Boys HH Team & DWC*
13 yr hip hop groups
🥇1st place- Jr. 2 Hip Hop Team & DWC *
🥉3rd place- Elite Small Group


11 yr Ballet Demi pointe classical
🥇1st Place- Jr ballet Ensemble & DWC*
17 yr variety arts duo/trio
🥇1st Place- Sr Variety Trio (Kalena,Thomas, Jordan)
13-15 variety arts groups
🥇1st Place- Sr. Acro Team & DWC*
10-11 song & dance groups
🥈2nd- Junior Musical Theatre Team
17 year circus arts/acro solos
🥈2nd place – Madison Leach & DWC*
10-11 yr circus arts / acro duo/trio
🥉3rd place – Jr Acro Duo (Samara & Taylir)
13&up circus arts/ acro duo/trio
🥈2nd place – Sr. Acro Duo (Bentley & Ellie)
11 year circus arts/acro group
🥇1st place – Jr. Acro Team & DWC*
15 yr Improv Solo
🥇1st tied – Ellie Farrel & Madison Guarino
7 yrs jazz duo/trio
🥇1st place- Jr 1 trio (Madisyn, Sadie & Natalie) & DWC*
14-17 jazz duo/trio
🥈2nd – Elite Jazz Trio (Myah, Ella, Watkins) & DWC*
7-9 jazz groups
🥇1st Place- Jr. 1 Jazz Team & DWC *
🥉3rd place- Mini Elite Jazz Team & DWC*
11-12 jazz groups
🥇1st- Pre Elite Jazz Team & DWC*
🥈2nd – Pre Elite Small Group & DWC*
14 year junior jazz groups
🥇1st – Inter Elite Jazz Team & DWC*
14-15 yr senior jazz groups
🥇1st – Elite Jazz Team & DWC*
16-17 jazz groups
🥇1st – Senior Jazz Team & DWC*
14 yr junior hip hop groups
🥈2nd – Elite Hip Hop Team & DWC*
14-15 senior hip hop groups
🥇1st Place – Sr. HH Small Group & DWC*
🥉3rd Place- Sr. Hip Hop Team & DWC*
16 yr junior groups
🥇1st – Sr. Boys HH Team & DWC*
🥈2nd – Sr. Explo small group & DWC*
16-17 senior groups

🥈2nd – Explosion HH Team & DWC*


⭐Special 5678 Weekend Highlights⭐

Congratulations to the following students on being recognized for their solos throughout the weekend. They were awarded a Paris/Lisbon dance tour Scholarship: 🔹️Dexter Furber 🔹️Madison Guarino 🔹️Selene Nguyen 🔹️Ava Russell 🔹️Amelia Soriano
Congratulations to our Dancer of the Year Participants! To participate in this component a student must perform a minimum of 3 solos and take part in the weekend convention
🔹Ellie Farrell 🔹Bentley Ali 🔹Selene Nguyen 🔹Madison Guarino

The average solo scores are tallied to give you the top winners! Special congratulations to Selene and Madison on placing in their age divisions!

12 & Under Dancer of the Year
🔹3RD Overall Highest Score – Selene Nguyen winning $50 CASH

13 & Over Dancer of the Year
🔹2nd Overall Highest Score- Madison Guarino winning $500 CASH
L.A.D.A also placed top overall scores across all genres in the following:

12 & under duo/trio of the year
🔹2nd Overall Highest Average $100
(I’m Upset, Way Back, Cool Cats)
13& Up duo/trio of the year
🔹2nd Overall Highest Average $250
(numb, emotions, upside down)
12& Under Groups of the year
🔹1st Overall Highest Average – $1,000
(Angels, hallelujah, all that jazz)
13& Up Groups of the year
🔹1st Overall Highest Average – $1,000
(The grid, showtime, raiders)